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RE: FW: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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Of course, that's why I said that "in my view" this is the case. And
likewise of course, the only parents from these cultures that I've had to
observe have been those living here in the U.S. You can credibly argue that
such parents are not representative of their home cultures, because they are
obviously willing to sacrifice in the present for a better future.

But I do know that, uniformly, these people have told me that in their home
countries education is considered a precious opportunity, and an educated
person gets the sort of respect that we reserve here for rock stars, NFL
quarterbacks and plastic surgeons.

And as far as "Federal Support for Education" is concerned the arguments pro
and con regarding its effectiveness are moot. I personally believe the
Constitution does not allow the Federal government to assume powers not
expressly given to it by that same Constitution.

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I don't think that sort of generalization is possible, anymore than we
can generalize about Federal Aid to education. Some parents value
education, some don't. Others value education but only in financial
terms, some have destructively narrow notions about what constitutes

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