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RE: More ASD vs LRFD

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If I might intrude, I don't think he meant that there was a direct
correlation, just that IN HIS EXPERIENCE engineers who insist they will
continue to use ASD because it's "quicker" are also the ones who take
shortcuts in other aspects of design, such as detailing.

I said the same thing, independently, in a different way earlier, when I
mentioned that one of the things I like about the LRFD procedures given in
the AISC code, is that by having the designer think in terms of a series of
"limit states," each of which is of equal importance to check, you may find
that you adopt a methodical approach to the rest of your work as well.

Again, YMMV, but I see where he's coming from.

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Please explain your correlation between the amount of detailing on a
project, or the lack of, and designing with ASD.  Seems like a pretty flimsy
excuse to point fingers at engineers who use ASD design.

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