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Re: Min. Reinforcement in Pedestals

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	Unless you can find some code requirement to the contrary or some
loading that requires greater reinforcing I would be inclined to use #6
(20 mm diameter) bars at 12" (300 mm) each way on all exposed surfaces.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Karimzadegan wrote:
> I have a question regarding the Min. reinforcement which we shall use
> for the large pedestals. The question is the for the pedestals under a
> large equipments (e.g. 6~7m in Dia. ) we need to construct a pedestal
> to reach to the required elevation ( e.g. from -1.000m below ground to
> 0.300 above ground with 6m dia. pedestal ). It seems that application
> of about 1% or even 0.5% reinforcement is very large and unnecessary
> and in these cases the pedestal action is more close to a foundation (
> for which the main reinforcements shall be top and bot. bars instead
> of vertical bars ) instead of column action. If anyone have any useful
> suggestion in this regard, please let me know.
> Best Regards,
> A. Karimzadegan
> Shiraz
> Iran

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