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RE: Split Rings

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which cleveland are you looking at? cleveland tool steel or cleveland steel?
they are in fact the only ones.
give them a call, their engineers are most helpful. they can fax you some info, but franly i found it to be the same as the nds. they can advise you on icbo too.
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Subject: Split Rings

I have just completed a design for a truss using split rings.  The design info I obtained from the NDS.  Can someone out there tell me why, when I do a search at ICBO, I do not find a report?
Also, I read somewhere that UBC requires that split rings be designed using a factor of four for the allowable load.  When I look through the UBC, I see no mention of split rings or shear plates in the timber fastener section.
I also read that Cleveland Steel is the "only" manufacturer of split rings in the country, and they have no info available on their web site.
Anybody got their ears on out there that can offer a word or two of assistance.