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Re: (3) unit Cinch Anchors

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I have seen older, generic spec's for cinch anchors refer to specific wedge 
anchors in the acceptable products section of the specification.  Without 
knowing who manufacturered the anchors, or if they were installed with 
special inspection, it is hard to guess what the capacity would be.  Maybe 
check all of the uninspected ICBO values for the manufacturers available.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.

<< I'm doing work on some existing steel beams.  They are connected to 

by means of several "3/4" dia. (3) unit Cinch Anchors."  I have no values or

information on this type of system.  I've searched the web and haven't been

able to locate any old ICBO reports or product data.  Does anyone have some

literature or a good website I could check?

Drew >>

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