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Dear Syed,
I am familiar with companies operating in UAE. But most companies adopt
somewhat similar details.
In my opinion, the problem has to do with plant production conditions. I
don't think you will find the cause of the cracks in the drawings or the
design. Since, as I mentioned earlier, the details are more or less standard
Most probably you need to address the problem with the supplier's structural
engineers. And if possible, I would recommend that you visit their plant,
without prior notification, and attend the casting of a sample panel.
Anyway, the following points come to my mind.
- If the cracks are located within the bottom flange, then either the bottom
flange thickness could be low or the aggregates sizes used could be large.
- If the cracks are located in the vicinity of the strands, then less than
adequate cover to the prestressing strands, comes to mind.
- If the above problems persist, nominal transverse bottom reinf. could get
rid of this headache.

Hope the above helps.

Hasan Hindawi
Amman, Jordan

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> Hasan,
> My response to ur queries, item wise as under:
> -  no, the cracks are basically under the cores
>     perse & do not really extend to top surface.
> -  no, the donot occur in all the panels; so far
>     no basic pattern as such.
> -  the widths of the panels as you mentioned are
>     indeed 1200 mm.
> -  this I have to check really, can't tell
>     off-hand; but the thickness of HCS is 200/250
>     & the shell/flange thickness is around 30-35
>     mm, in general or little more.
> -  there is no mesh on top; its plain unreinforced.
>     we have strands at bottom only.
> -  yes, the HCS is pretensioned prestressed
>     precast element. And, if you are familiar with
>     Saudi Arabian Precast companies, its the product
>     of Qanbar-Dywidag Precast Company.
> I hope I ahve responded to your satisfaction.
> Regards,

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