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AISC Eccentric Bolted Connection Tables

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I need some help interpreting what I read about eccentric connections with 
bolts in shear.  On page 4-52 of the 9th edition of the AISC Manual, there is 
a discussion of the instantaneous center method based on shear plates having 
an Fy of 36, having a thickness of no more than half the bolt diameter plus 
1/16" and that a bolt a bolt can sustain its ultimate load at a deformation 
of 0.34" (page 4-58).  According to Salmon and Johnson, the 0.34" includes no 

Can a ¾" bolt really sustain its maximum capacity if you shear it 0.34"?  Or 
is most of the deformation assumed to occur in the plates.  Am I reading this 

I am designing some connections for drag members which need to take a lot of 
axial load and I need to use some thick plates and sustain some end rotation. 
 I am bumping up against the design assumptions of the tables in the manual.

Thanks in advance
Mark Johnson

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