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Live Load Reduction

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I need some options on the following interpretations:

BOCA 1996 1606.7.2.2 & 1606.7.2.3

I am designing a museum, Use Group A-3, with a parking garage below.

Option A would be to use 100psf. live load.

According to section 1606.7.2.2, Is the live load reduction not applicable
at all or not applicable for parking garages, one way slabs and roofs? Can I
still take advantage of the live load reduction on the floors? If live load
reduction is not applicable at all see Option B.

Option B would  be to use 101psf.  live load and take the 20 percent
reduction on the columns only. Do you agree?

Mitchell J. Sklar, P.E., MBA
Senior Structural Engineer

p 215-997-0931
f 413-383-1615

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