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Re: Live Load Reduction

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This is tricky.  Here are my two interpretations:
Use option A, but use 50 psf for the garage, as the code allows.  Your live
load for a column supporting 2 floors will be 100+50=150 psf, with no
Use option B, but only for the 100+ psf live load:
(101) x 0.80 + 50 = 131 psf.
The reduction will only apply for the columns, not the floor framing.
For non-public areas (offices, etc., but not storage) I think you could apply
the more liberal reduction the code allows for the floor framing and supporting
columns for those floors.  It seems to me that the "except Use Group..." clause
is too broad and doesn't necessarily apply to the entire building.  Depending
on how many floors the lower level columns support, you might want to consider
using a full live load on the "assembly / exhibit / parking" floors and reduce
any others according to their use.  This section of the code can be a nice
little loophole, but it is ambiguous enough that you may want to reconsider how
you interpret it.

Mark Nowmos

"Mitchell J. Sklar" wrote:

> I need some options on the following interpretations:
> BOCA 1996 1606.7.2.2 & 1606.7.2.3
> I am designing a museum, Use Group A-3, with a parking garage below.
> Option A would be to use 100psf. live load.
> According to section 1606.7.2.2, Is the live load reduction not applicable
> at all or not applicable for parking garages, one way slabs and roofs? Can I
> still take advantage of the live load reduction on the floors? If live load
> reduction is not applicable at all see Option B.
> Option B would  be to use 101psf.  live load and take the 20 percent
> reduction on the columns only. Do you agree?
> Mitchell J. Sklar, P.E., MBA
> Senior Structural Engineer
> mitchsklar(--nospam--at)
> p 215-997-0931
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