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Re: Ethic's Question

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<<What type of violation are we looking at?  Is this a life safety issue or is the wall one inch short of taking the aspect ratio requirements?  Why were the changes required in the first place?>>

IMHO, one way this can be handled is similar to how you would handle an "unauthorized" field change by the contractor.  You can submit a "suggested" detail to correct the deficiency, and send a copy to the inspector. If your employer architect and/or contractor balks, let him suggest an alternate fix until he gets it right.  If he refuses, then it's in the hands of the inspector.

A side note:  Since the architect is stamping it, he is the one taking responsibility and he technically has full authority to do what he is doing.

A second side note of interest to Canadians:  Here in California, we go to all extremes to make sure that only well-qualified structural engineers can design schools, by requiring that only S.E.'s that have passed the "west coast" structural exam be allowed to stamp and/or review the design. Then, the whole process is made suspect since the law does not preclude any licensed architect from stamping the structural design instead.  (Fortunately, I don't know of any architect that has done so.)

Carl Sramek
Los Alamitos, CA

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