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Re: Live Load Reduction

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First of all is the 100 psf floor live load adequate for your museum
floor loading?  Keep in mind that museum exhibits regularly change.
Example - The National Museum of Art, DC 100 psf would appear reasonable
(no idea what the actual design load was) - open spaces with areas of
public assembly.  Example 2 - Smithsonian Museum of Natural History or
Museum of American History, DC with fossils, locomotives and massive
crowds of people would easily exceed the 100 psf (I think I read in
their magazine that the floor was designed for 250 psf).  Example 3 -
University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks, one 2 1/2 ton copper nugget
sitting on the floor.  We found out about that one after the design was
complete and the structure built.  Many museums use their public areas
for assembly type uses with no fixed seating for fund raising
activities.  Based on these type of assumptions, I would not reduce the
live loads on the floor framing and depending on the number of floors in
the structure might consider reducing the live load in the columns and

"Mitchell J. Sklar" wrote:
> I need some options on the following interpretations:
> BOCA 1996 1606.7.2.2 & 1606.7.2.3
> I am designing a museum, Use Group A-3, with a parking garage below.
> Option A would be to use 100psf. live load.
> According to section 1606.7.2.2, Is the live load reduction not applicable
> at all or not applicable for parking garages, one way slabs and roofs? Can I
> still take advantage of the live load reduction on the floors? If live load
> reduction is not applicable at all see Option B.
> Option B would  be to use 101psf.  live load and take the 20 percent
> reduction on the columns only. Do you agree?
> Mitchell J. Sklar, P.E., MBA
> Senior Structural Engineer
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