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Re: Ethic's Question

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Not really.

The concern Steve has is, given the set of circumstances he has presented, what are his rights and responsibilities?  Prehaps in more realistic, what are his options in this situation?

Further complicating the issue is how these rights and responsibilities are related to those he has to his employer, to his profession, and to the general public.  Sometimes they are in conflict.  Also, these rights and responsibilities will vary from juristiction to juristiction and sometime from contract to contract.  And they are not static, they are constantly changing.

While the advice given in this list is given with the best of intentions by its participants, in the long run engineers don't decide these matters.  Juries of ordinary citizens do, at least in the US, with help from lawyers, caselaw, and legislated laws.

The unfortunate thing is that the most viable option appears to be to find another employer, i.e. to "run away".  I don't know of anyone who likes this option, but the current political climate and, dare I say, professional societies climate doesn't really allow any other affordable choice.

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