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Re: AISC on-line chats

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Is this through the AISC Chat Room?

Thor A Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
e-mail: vicpeng(--nospam--at)
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Sent: Friday, January 04, 2002 9:06 AM
Subject: AISC on-line chats

AISC has two on-line chats scheduled in January. These free sessions are the
ideal opportunity to have all your questions on Steel Joists and Coatings
January 8, Steel Joists:
A panel of experts will answer questions about Steel Joists on January 8th
at 2 pm central time. Participants in the upcoming online chat include:
Richard A. Phaneuf, P.E., Chief Engineer at Valley Joist, Marlon
Broekemeier, P.E., Engineering Manager with Vulcraft, Tim Holtermann from
Canam, and Don Murphy from the Steel Joist Institute. Bring all your
questions to this free event!
January 22, Coatings: Questions about coatings for steel structures? Ask our
panel of experts on January 22 at 2 pm central time! Featured e-speakers
are: Eric Kline, Ken Trimber and Bernard Appleman from KTA-Tator, Tom
Calzone with Carboline, and William Riddle with The Sherwin Williams
Also, if you have any suggested topics for future chats, please email me at
Scott Melnick

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