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RE: A 36 steel vs A992

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It is my understanding that it is difficult to get A36 (that truly has Fy=36
ksi) for WIDE FLANGE shapes. You will also pay a premium if you absolutely
have to have this grade for Wide Flanges. The industry standard for Wide
Flanges ( and WT's consequently) is A992 Grade 50.

You should have no trouble getting it for angles and channels. I am not sure
if angles and channels are typically sold as dual spec that would meet the
requirements of A36 or A572.

I'm sure Charlie Carter could elaborate or point you to the sources on the
AISC website for further info.

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> From: 	Robert M. Hanson [mailto:Bob(--nospam--at)]
> Sent:	Tuesday, January 08, 2002 12:27 PM
> To:	seaint list
> Subject:	A 36 steel vs A992
> List,
> I would like to get some opinions on the A36 and A992 issue in seismic
> zone 4 from some of the steel folks. The fabricators are in general are
> providing the A992 when notes indicate A36 steel for all but most channels
> and angles. My question is in regard to strength calculations for bracing.
> The yield for A992 vs. A36 can have dramatic effects in connection design.
> Are you day to day steel folks using A992 yield for strength calculations?
> Seems like one would need to be tight with the fabricators at front end to
> see what is being provided.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bob Hanson, SE
> Carson, Calif.

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