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RE: A 36 steel vs A992

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>I would like to get some opinions on the A36 and A992 issue in
>seismic zone 4 from some of the steel folks. The fabricators are
>in general are providing the A992 when notes indicate A36 steel
>for all but most channels and angles. My question is in regard to
>strength calculations for bracing. The yield for A992 vs. A36 can
>have dramatic effects in connection design. Are you day to day
>steel folks using A992 yield for strength calculations? Seems like
>one would need to be tight with the fabricators at front end to see
>what is being provided.

For a while now, ASTM A36 has existed in name only for W-shapes. If you
specify it, I'll all but guarantee you you will get a product that meets
ASTM A992 as well. How could that be? ASTM A36 has no maximum yield.

You can get further information on this topic here:

I strongly recommend that you base your wide-flange calcs on ASTM A992.

Note that A36 is still a realistic material specification to use for plates,
angles, channels, M-shapes, S-shapes and HP-shapes.


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