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wood frame bldg deformation and windows

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Have any of the list members had to address the effect of seismic drift on
the windows of a wood frame apartment building? I am not referring to a
large retail window wall system, but rather typical residential windows. UBC
1633.2.4.2 includes "elements that are attached to or enclose the exterior".
Most vinyl windows are attached with vinyl flanges on the outside. I believe
that the vinyl itself has some inherent flexibility, but this is obviously
difficult to quantify. I know that slotted holes can be used. However, the
slotted holes are not likely long enough to meet the code requirements if a
residential window is included in UBC 1633.2.4.2. Note that this same
section requires the greater of Delta M or 0.5 inches. The slot would have
to be 1" + the width of the screw to qualify. I have never addressed this
issue and it has been brought up on one of my jobs.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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