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Structural Pipe-Flange Connections

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I'm designing a space frame.  In one direction, will be a series of shop-fabricated stainless steel trusses; the top chords are to be pipes, the bottom chords to be double angles. 
In the perpendicular direction the top chords are to be field-connected pipes of the same size as the in the first direction; the bottom chords in the perpendicular direction will be thread-bar rods continuous the full length of the trusses; they pass through holes in the double angle bottom chords of the first direction with no interconnection at the bottom chord intersections. 
To avoid field welding of stainless steel, I'd like the top chords to be interconnected using bolted connections.  The loads will be principally axial, with relatively small [but probably significant] moments.  Can piping flanged connections be used structurally in that way?
Where can I find product data and design and material data for stainless steel piping?
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA