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Chicago Area Snow Loads

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Dear List:

I would like to know what the typical design snow loads are for the Chicago
area.  We have a project in one of the outlying cities to the west.  Upon
inquiring with the local building official, we were told to look it up in
the Code.  The ground snow map (Pg) contained in BOCA shows 25 psf, which
can then be reduced for the roof snow load (Pf).

Is 25 psf really the typical design snow load?  Is it typical to reduce this

Have I just seen too many pictures on the news of people surrounded by piles
of snow freezing to death in the Windy City!?

Thank you in advance for your input and wisdom,


Trent Nagele, P.E., S.E.
VLMK Consulting Engineers
503.248.9263 fax
3933 SW Kelly Ave.
Portland, OR  97201

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