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RE: Structural Pipe-Flange Connections

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On something like that I generally look at the Ryerson and McMaster
to see what SS pipe and connectors are on the shelf.  I will select
something in a welded ASTM 312 or 376 Type 316 pipe because it is more
available.  I will then go to the "Design Manual for Structural Stainless
Steel" and I have fun.

Check the following also:

NIDI has a link to which is
where the Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel comes from.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Structural Pipe-Flange Connections
> I'm designing a space frame.  In one direction, will be a series of
> shop-fabricated stainless steel trusses; the top chords are to be pipes,
> the bottom chords to be double angles.
> In the perpendicular direction the top chords are to be field-connected
> pipes of the same size as the in the first direction; the bottom chords in
> the perpendicular direction will be thread-bar rods continuous the full
> length of the trusses; they pass through holes in the double angle bottom
> chords of the first direction with no interconnection at the bottom chord
> intersections.
> To avoid field welding of stainless steel, I'd like the top chords to be
> interconnected using bolted connections.  The loads will be principally
> axial, with relatively small [but probably significant] moments.  Can
> piping flanged connections be used structurally in that way?
> Where can I find product data and design and material data for stainless
> steel piping?
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer
> South San Gabriel, CA
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