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Re: hollow clay tile

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We just received tension test results from a project that has clay tile walls.   We tested 3/8" Hilti HY-20 anchors in both the web and void conditions of the clay tile and every anchor held to the 300 lb proof load.   Our design loads are about 25 pounds per anchor as we are treating the clay tile as veneer and supporting it every 2 sq. ft.   We also tested Helifix anchors that did really well.   One was pulled to failure at 695 pounds (anchor slipped) and all held the 225 pounds (5 total anchors per manufacturer were tested).   The drill bit size (7/32" used for the 10 mm pins) and rotary drilling (no hammer drill) is very important with the friction pin anchor performance.
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Subject: hollow clay tile

We are about to begin retrofit work on a hollow clay tile building. Due to the lack of published information available to us on tension and shear capacity of epoxied anchors in this material we are establishing capacities (during design phase of work) based on testing.
My question: Does anyone have first hand experience with test results in hollow clay tile that can provide some insight into capacities we should expect to see during testing?