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Re: Structural Pipe-Flange Connections

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I'm working on a project at one of the California missions.  The stone roof
and ceiling of a room built about 200 years ago on massive stone walls is
close to collapse [it has been resupported onto scaffolding].  The structure
of the roof is a vaulted stone ceiling that supports rubble masonry fill
under a flat [just enough slope to drain] roof.

The ceiling has cracked and deformed because the walls have tilted
outward [probably due to seismic events combined with the thrust of the
vaulted roof] and allowed the perimeter edges of the vaulted ceiling
structure to spread.  The structure is intended to support the ceiling from
above and have an indefinite serviceability period, thus the stainless

The reactions need to be distributed around the perimeter of the walls since
they contribute to wall stability, thus the two-way system.  The space-frame
can be made to have a dome shape, which is traditional and matches the
configuration of other roofs on the site.  This is an alternative scheme
that I'm developing for comparison with others [including a post-tensioned
concrete dome] for cost and effectiveness.

I get all the fun projects, don't I?  It's because my niche in structural
engineering is only repair and strengthening of buildings that are older
than I am.

Thanks, Harold and David and others for the very helpful information.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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