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Re: hollow clay tile

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My experience had been that the shear and tension anchor capacities in hollow clay tile can be made to be ample. 
The scheme I've used is to use screen tubes to install the epoxy in the wall.  I measure the voids that the anchor must pass through, and wrap the screen tube with duct tape in the voids, leaving the screen open within 1/2" or so of each face of each void.  This forces bulbs of epoxy to form adjacent to each web, effectively locking the anchor into the tile by engaging the voids.
Also look into the "Umbrella Insert" that ITW Ramset makes to go with their Epcon A7 acrylic adhesive; it expands to form a bulb of resin inside the face shell.  The acrylic adhesive has some other advantages that you should discover from their product data.  Call Ernie Stumpf at 714-437-5000.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA