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Re: Measurement of Viscosity

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cps is used extensively as an abreviation for Centipoise with construction
materials (even though it may be the wrong way to abreviate).  This is a hard
unit to get your head around until you have put your hands on different
materials.  Our CIA Gel 7000 epoxy which is "non sag", has been measured at
152,000 cps., our medium viscosity CIA-Fluid Epoxy is about 5000 cps, and our
CIA-Injection Resin Epoxy is about 450 cps.  250 to 400 cps might seem like a
big range, but if you had a cup of each one in your hand, you would be hard
pressed to guess which one is the lower viscosity.  I have injected 1300 cps
epoxy through a 0.003" crack and had it come out the back of a 17" concrete
shear wall with a medium amount of pressure (60-80 psi), although it was a
slow process.

In a message dated 1/11/02 8:28:17 AM, bill(--nospam--at) writes:

<< That's my problem. The particular substance that is supposed to have a
viscosity of "between 250 and 400 cps" is an ULTRA-LOW VISCOSITY
Polyurethane injection resin.  Therefore it could NOT be "centipoise" (which
actually is abbreviated cP, >>

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