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Re: hollow clay tile

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<< Do you recall any tension capacities achieved in testing?

Mark >>

Covert Operations has supplied several HCT projects.  There is almost always
testing required by the building official.  We usually use 3/4 inch diameter
rods in screen tubes like a URM/UMB installation.  At the Hollyhock House
project for Mel Green, we tested ultimate capacities ranging from 830 to 1440
lbs in tension and 1575 lbs in shear.  At the Astaire Building at Sony
Pictures, we tested to 1100 lbs in tension and 2600 lbs in shear when the
anchor was not installed into the far face of the tile, and 3500 lbs in shear
and tension when the anchor was installed completely through both faces (the
bottom end of the anchor was flush with the outside of the wall.)
Unfortunately, I don't have the test reports for several other jobs we did.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.

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