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Re: Adding brick shelf support to grade beam

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This solution, while acceptable, does not appeal to me.  Angles are visible,
and therefore, ugly.  If exposed to water and air, they will eventually rust to
failure (though they may outlive the building).

But more to the point, I don't quite follow your question.  Is this a wall,
full height veneer, wainscot, or what?

You may want to create a simple text-drawing.

Assuming it is possible to get below grade with the support, you might as well
form a ledge with concrete, since you will be drilling into concrete for a
support anyway, and could just as easily epoxy rebar as threaded rod.

As a separate question, how do you intend to tie the veneer back to the grade
beam?  Or am I misunderstanding the question?

-Keith Fix, PE
-Little Rock, AR

--- Davis Parsons <dparsons(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> richard lewis wrote:
> > I have an existing building where I need to hide the concrete grade beam
> > due to changes in exterior grading.  The owner wants to add a short brick
> > wall, about 3 feet high in front of it.  The building has a drilled pier
> > and grade beam foundation.  I would like suggestions as to how to
> > construct the new brick shelf support integral with the existing grade
> > beam.
> I have used a galvanized angle fastened to the grade beam with Hilti HVA
> fasteners when the grade change does not go below the bottom of the beam. For
> additional moisture protection, trowel-on mastic is applied to the angle.
> --
> Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
> a practical structural engineer
> in Fort Worth, Texas

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