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SEAOI Excellence in Structural Design

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Attention  SEAINT member:

For Immediate Release:
Contact    Donna Childs    312-372-4198
                e-mail:      office(--nospam--at)


Chicago, January: SEAOI (Structural Engineers Association of Illinois) is now
accepting entries for its annual "Excellence in Structural Engineering"
contest. For details of this competition and entry forms, please call or
write the SEAOI office at 203 N. Wabash, Suite 2010, Chicago, Illinois, 60601.

The competition is open to all members of SEAOI. Other Illinois licensed
structural engineers may also enter, if an SEAOI membership application is
submitted along with the entry. Eligible projects include any type of
engineering structure and do not have to be situated in Illinois. Architects
and contractors may benefit from encouraging their structural engineers to
submit entries, because all members of the winning design teams will be

On May 7, 2002, the finalists will orally present their projects before a
panel of distinguished judges. Winners will be announced at the annual SEAOI
awards banquet on June 8, 2002.

The deadline for submission of entries is April 1, 2002. Inquiries about this
contest should be directed to Awards Committee Chairman, William D. Bast, at
(312) 596-2014.


January 26, 2002    FUTURE CITY COMPETITION    Chicagoland Regional Judging
-  Some of Chicago's brightest 7th, 8th grade students present their vision
of the  future    Contact:   Don Wittmer   312-930-9119

February 5: SEAOI dinner meeting -Perspective on Computer Aided Design:
Friend & Foe

February 17-23:  National Engineers Week

March 5: SEAOI dinner meeting - Recent Developments in Seismic Codes for New
and Existing Buildings.

April 2: SEAOI dinner meeting - Public Relations and the Structural Engineer:
The Importance of Image and Perception.

For SEAOI News visit the website


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