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Re: Steel Moment Frames Connections-FEMA350

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Per FEMA 350, Section, "connections to the minor axis of a column should be qualified by testing following procedures of Section 3.9."
The commentary states that two tests were conducted to indicate the possible performance of weak axis connections, but are not considered to comprise a sufficient database for prequalification of such connections."
In lieu of doing full scale testing per FEMA 350 to qualify the use of weak axis testing, you likely have two options:
1) Provide 2 columns in lieu of one and provide prequalified strong-axis connections in each direction required, OR
2) Provide a dual-strong axis moment connection using SidePlate connection technology, which is prequalified by ICBO and COLA, with no column or beam size limitations.
Hope this answers your question
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Subject: Steel Moment Frames Connections-FEMA350

Does anyone know if frame beam moment connection into weak axis of columns is considered a qualified moment frame connection under FEMA-350.
If it is not prequalified, then are there any criteria that can be used in the design of such moment frame connections?