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RE: Wind pressure software

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TEDDS 5.0 ( ) has a module that does a very good job on wind load calculations using ASCE 7-98 and provides submittal quality output including (if you wish) diagrams from ASCE 7 for MWFRS and components & cladding.   It takes me about 5 minutes to run calcs that could easily take half a day by hand.  Overall rating probably 8.5 or 9.  I still have to go through the output and find controlling cases for input into load combinations. 
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Subject: Wind pressure software

I was wondering what wind pressure calculation software is being used out there.  (I am getting tired of doing this stuff by hand.)  I would like something that gives nice diagrams for calculation submittals - (not just numbers).  It would have to do Components and Cladding as well as Main Wind Force Resisting System loads.  I would like something that would do ASCE 7-98, ASCE 7-95 and BOCA '96.  I tried searching the archives but did not see much of a discussion. 
Perhaps a bit of a survey would help simplify my quest:
Type of software being used:
Components and Cladding (Y/N)?
Main Wind Force Resisting (Y/N)?
Diagrams for reports (Y/N)?
Overall rating from 1 to 10:
Any other comments:
Thanks for your input,
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