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Re: ASTM 53

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Thanks Peter,
I'm obviously slow.  Not minutes after posting my message, I found it where you indicated.

Thor A Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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Subject: RE: ASTM 53

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We have a "standard" pipe section "DN_" that is an ASTM 53 material.
Although ASTM is a referenced code in our Steel Handbook, I can't find such
simple data without getting hold of the ASTM standard.

Can anyone give me the properties of that material?  (Fy, Fu, etc.)  I
assume that E is same/similar to regular steels.

For Canadians, I believe it is close to A307 steels?


The CISC handbook page 6-97 (the page just before HSS Properties &
Dimensions if you have an older copy) refers to yield strengths of 205 & 240
MPa (30 & 35 ksi).

The AISC ASD handbook page 1-95 gives Fy = 35 ksi & Fu = 60 ksi. On page
3-35 it advises that A53 pipe may be designed to Fy = 36 ksi, the same as
for A501 pipe - all the AISC tables are based on 36 ksi.

The ASTM web site gives a short introduction to all standards - sometimes
including a substantial chunk of useful information. Start at and you'll get there easily enough.

Peter James, P.Eng

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