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RE: Operating System Recommendation Sought

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Title: RE: Operating System Recommendation Sought

Keith wrote:

        Firstly, I do not wish to create a kind of LORD vs. ASD debate.

Good grief, Keith, the debate never got quite that serious!

        My question:
        #1)  Do I change to Windows 2000 on all machines? 
        #2)  Do I change to XP on all machines? 
        #3)  Or, do I stick with Window 98 and upgrade the server to 98se?

Based on my personal experience, and on reading extensively of the woes of other's experiences, I recommend that you stick with Windows 98SE for now, but configure it carefully on each PC.  In about two years, after two of three service packs, it will be time to migrate to Windows XP (stands for M$ eXtra Profit).  By then, the current hardware compatibility issues and licensing silliness should hopefully be resolved.  Currently, Windows 2000 and Windows XP are both somewhat slower than Windows 98SE, and only marginally more stable.

With regard to optimization, one of my favorite freeware tweakers just got upgraded.  You can now download Cacheman 5.1 at  It's great stuff!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E. in Dallas, Texas
Proud father of a new P.E.son in Houston