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Re: Wind pressure software

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You can take a look at a program made by Standards Design Group, Inc.  It
will supposedly determine wind loads for ASCE 7-98.  I don't know about
ASCE 7-95, but it might.  I doubt that it will do BOCA 96.  Their web site

David Williams had a good idea that I will expand upon.  If you don't find
a good "canned" program that will work for you, then you can make your own
using TEDDs, MathCAD, or Excel.  This would be easier/better than writting
it out each time.  You would need to do something like this with TEDDs,
because the version that I have only will do wind load for ASCE 7-98.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Ken Peoples wrote:

> I was wondering what wind pressure calculation software is being used out there.  (I am getting tired of doing this stuff by hand.)  I would like something that gives nice diagrams for calculation submittals - (not just numbers).  It would have to do Components and Cladding as well as Main Wind Force Resisting System loads.  I would like something that would do ASCE 7-98, ASCE 7-95 and BOCA '96.  I tried searching the archives but did not see much of a discussion.
> Perhaps a bit of a survey would help simplify my quest:
> Type of software being used:
> Components and Cladding (Y/N)?
> Main Wind Force Resisting (Y/N)?
> Diagrams for reports (Y/N)?
> Overall rating from 1 to 10:
> Any other comments:
> Thanks for your input,
> Ken
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