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Re: FW: Operating System Recommendation Sought

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I too support the W2k choice.  The OS is extremely stable, and crashes
are usually limited to software.   In the 2 years I've been using it,
I've only had a few software crashes and zero OS crashes.  The only
problem is if you have an ATA 100 hard drive, prior to SP2 the hd would
only operate as an ata66.  SP2 corrected that, but if you have an ASUS
Motherboard, you may have to flash the bios and load one package of
files from ASUS to make it all compatible.

XP is the same kernel, which is greatly improved over NT4, and is as
stable as W2k.  It does have more cartoon like graphics and I personally
don't like the new look of the GUI.  From a technical standpoint, XP
does include more conveniences for audio and graphic files (non-cad),
but if it's an office machine you probably aren't concerned about that.
And if you're like me, I'd rather pick my software than use the
built-ins that MS provides.

Steve P

Terangue E. Remengesau Gillham wrote:

Agree with the W2K comment.  We are switching over our computers to W2K, and
it positively kicks the k out of W98 and W98SE, especially on our file
server (we are only peer to peer).  Personally, I would prefer to go with
W2K because it has been around for a while, and in my mind this would make
it less buggy (gotta install some service packs though).  I might get XP,
but probably not for another year or so at least.

My $.02

T. Eric Gillham PE

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