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sap2000-nonlinear dynamic analysis

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I could really use your help on a matter conserning SAP2000.What i'm trying to do is study a steel frame and its plastic mechanism.I'm really having problems with the nonlinear dynamic analysis.How can we assign the plastic1 element in SAP2000?Should we add joints close to the given ones and draw it there?Also at which direction shall we apply the nonlinear behaviour?Working with SAP2000 is easy to apply a pushover analysis with plastic hinges but how about the nonlinear dynamic analysis? I would be grateful if anyone could point me how we can draw these Nllink elements. 

I would be really glad if you could reply to my question since i can't find any help at all about this matter(plastic analysis with SAP200nl) or give me some advise where i can find something useful  on the Internet

Thank you



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