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Re: Warning to HP Calculator Users

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Fellow engineers,

	I've already encountered a lack of support from HP regarding their
calculators.  To be specific, the battery pack on my 20 year old HP 97
failed and HP were not able to provide another.

	Fortunately, I found a business in Calgary called "Battery World" (or
something like that) who could custom make one to suit for about the
same price as HP would have charged.  If a dead battery is your only
problem you can probably find a similar business near you to fill the
need; if not send me an e-mail and I'll put you in touch.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Adair, Joel wrote:
> If many of you are like me, you've been using an HP RPN calculator
> since your freshmen-level statics class or even before that.  Over the
> weekend, I discovered that those of us who depend on our HP
> calculators may have a potential crisis on our hands -- HP may be
> ending its calculator development division.  You can read about it
> here:
> HP is the only producer of RPN calculators.  I don't know about you,
> but my brain only works in RPN!  The switch from RPN to a regular
> algebraic calculator would probably be more painful to me than the
> switch from ASD to LRFD (a change that I'm currently undertaking).
> -- Joel
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> Joel Adair, EIT
> Halff Associates, Inc.
> E-mail: jadair(--nospam--at)
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