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RE: Net uplift on joists and joist girders

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Do you recall when and where you saw this bottom chord failure? Was it 100%
attributable to inadequate bottom chord bracing?

Also, do you design your beams for localized cladding wind pressures? For
90mph wind and 15psf DL I would design the beams for:
 W - 0.9DL = (31psf)(0.7)(1.23) - (0.9)(15psf) = 5psf uplift

You are right about satisfying Factory Mutual requirements, but would you
say the same thing if the roof was wood construction?

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 In the land of higher wind loads, I
have seen buckled bottom chords that resulted in a general failure in wind
uplift.  That is why Factory Mutual got so active in the roofing throughout
the US.  The insurance losses were real.

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