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RE: Warning to HP Calculator Users

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I've been using an HP-41CX since 1987. The real age champ is my very old HP-45 that I bought in 1972, which still works by the way. It was much better than the HP-35, but pales in comparison with the 41-CX. I've designed a lot of structures with those calculators. But then what the heck, I'm old enough to have designed some of my early structures using a slide rule (anyone remember those?) and designed some very nice trusses in the early days using graphical analysis. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go out and buy a back up HP just in case. But as some one said, today the spread sheet seems to rule in the office for general duty/repetitive cal's.
Victor K.
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I have been using an HP-41CV for 17-18 years. I last changed the battery 6 years ago. The damn thing keeps on going. Does anyone else use this model? Does HP still make this model?

Steven A.
Los Angeles

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If many of you are like me, you've been using an HP RPN calculator since your freshmen-level statics class or even before that.  Over the weekend, I discovered that those of us who depend on our HP calculators may have a potential crisis on our hands -- HP may be ending its calculator development division.  You can read about it here:

HP is the only producer of RPN calculators.  I don't know about you, but my brain only works in RPN!  The switch from RPN to a regular algebraic calculator would probably be more painful to me than the switch from ASD to LRFD (a change that I'm currently undertaking).

-- Joel

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