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RE: Warning to HP Calculator Users

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I think that you are going to get a lot of requests for the name of that guy
in Florida that repairs HP calculators, so why don't you post it on the list?

I have an HP 67 that I would like to see resurrected.  That calculator was my
workhorse for many years --- it has the card reader built in --- and I have
programs on cards for properties of sections, beam reactions, curved bridge
geometrics, etc.

My first HP calculator was the 35 --- HP's first (or second?) handheld
calculator which cost $395 (1971).  I skipped the 45 and 61 and got the 67.
Then when the 67 started giving me problems, I got a 48SX and later a 48G,
but the 67 was my favorite.

Like the rest of the posters, I sure hope that HP doesn't discontinue their
handheld calculator business.

BTW, I've been trying to figure out what "Hewlett-Packard Invent" means.
Does anyone have an idea?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Donna Gochenaur wrote:

. > I am still using my HP41CX.  My father gave me my first HP41CV when I
. > graduated from Cal Poly.  It is at home and it died.  I am using my
. > husband's 41CX which he bought when he went to graduate school.  We also
. > have a 41C here in the office in my drawer (none of the interns know how
. > to use it). Great calculators and I debate what "program" I am going to
. > use to rewrite my HP programs.  I also have a card reader (it too died)
. > and I had lots of programs on the many cards.

. > I have the name of a company in Florida at home that will repair 41
. > calculators.  Supposedly the guy has been collecting them and uses the
. > parts from other calculators to fix yours.  If someone needs the name
. > they can email me.

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