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RE: Re[2]: Net uplift on joists and joist girders

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The issue is a bit more critical in partially grouted masonry walls.  I do
not use L anchor bolts at all.  I only use headed anchor bolts.  I also top
off the wall with a double height bond beam.  This gives me 16 inches to
develop the hooked rebar coming up from below, and it gives me 16 inches to
embed the headed anchors from the joist bearing plate.

Another detail that is difficult to handle is the deck connection where the
wall runs parallel to the joist.  In that application I weld headed studs to
the web of a tee section 8 inches long.  Embed the web of the tee into the
head joint of a bond beam.  This essentially creates a weld embed plate that
a continuous deck bearing angle can be welded to.  The angle can be sloped
to parallel the bar joists.  The deck is then welded to the joists and then
to the continuous bearing angle.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Another aspect is the problem of anchoring the the bar joist into a
> masonry
> wall to resist the net uplift load. The standard of a pair of of "L"
> anchor
> bolts at each joist embedded into a bond beam doesn't calculate for a
> metal
> deck roof in high wind areas. How is this being handled by others ? This
> is
> critical since the joists together with the metal deck roof acting as a
> diaphragm provide the lateral support for the top of the wall under the
> wind
> pressure load.

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