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Out-of-plane forces on concrete tiltup, or masonry walls

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Under the 1997 UBC code, we used equation 32-2 from
UBC 1632.2 to determine the out-of-plane force on
concrete and masonry walls under seismic loads.  The
coefficients Rp, and ap were taken from Table 16-O.

Utah has now adopted the 2000 IBC.  The seismic stuff
appears to be straight out of ASCE 7-98.  I thought I
could use equation 16-67 for the out-of-plane force
on the walls.  However, this equation is in the architectural,
mechanical, and electrical component detailing section.
Table 1621.2 and 1621.3 do not have any values for
Rp and ap that fit a load bearing concrete or masonry
exterior wall.

Has anybody else dealt with this problem, or I am
tying to use the wrong formula?

Also, equation 16-64 of the IBC is used to determine
the anchorage of concrete or masonry walls to flexible
diaphragms.  This appears to be substantially higher
than what was required under the UBC.

Any input would be appreciated.

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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