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re: Warning to HP Calculator Users

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>  This is the worst news since 9/11. My 48SX was the
>best damn calculator I ever had.  I have gone through
>two 48G+'s that crashed permanently and I am working
>on my third 48G+. The end is near.  Repent now.

>  Scott M Haan P.E.

Scott (or anyone else)-
I've been thinking of buying an HP48G as a backup for
my 48SX.  Two questions:

1) In a burst of misplaced thriftyness, I bought (and
filled) an off-brand 128K RAM card and then had a 128K
eprom burned.  (Everyone from the Nerd Fraternity,
make the secret hand signal now.)  I've been told
neither will work in a 48G.  I went through the trial
of having the eprom made after the second total memory
loss on my 48SX.  It was marginally less painful than
jumping out a window, which would have been the most
probable reaction to losing all my programs a third
time.  So, how susceptible is the 48G to memory loss?

1.5)  You make the 48G sound a trifle delicate.  Are
they that sensitive, or are you inordinately hard on
calculators?  (I can't get rid of this mental picture
of you batting salmon out of a stream with your
calculator.  Must be the whole Alaska thing.  Sorry.)
Anybody else had good or bad luck with the 48G series?

2)  Does anyone know of a service making permanent
(eprom) cards for the 48G?  Eprom doesn't consume
power and isn't affected by the dreaded MEMORY LOST
problem.  It's really nice once you have it.  Getting
it made, in my particular experience, was an extreme
exercise in frustration.

Thanks for the advice.

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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