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Re: Warning to HP Calculator Users

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Memory is the first to go --- or is it the last?  I can't remember <G>.

I remember the info being that the HP-67 was *the* back-up computer to the
first moon landing.  (Consider this any way you may!)

When the HP-35 just came out, a colleague, who had done graduate work at the
same time that I did, told me about HP's new calculator that had umpteen
storage locations and programable capability and he was waiting until that
became available before he bought one.

I think that it goes without saying that products for the space program were
available well in advance of their consumer versions.  And it was the space
program that made such consumer products affordable.

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Tom Hunt wrote:

. > It must have been a pretty advanced model since the HP-67 was introduced
. > in 1976 and the first moon landing was in 1969?!?

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