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RE: "Stick-Built" Metal Building?

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Hey, the INTERESTING thing is: I can say that he HAS relied on what I've
said, and that he most certainly is NOT an Engineer!

Of course, what he will do after that is probably find some accursed
Structural Engineer from the "Dark Side". It isn't the business lost that
bothers me; it's the idea that we are so often done in by our own.

Sometimes I think we're going to have to convert "Clients and Prospects" one
grindingly slow transaction at a time. But first, we need to heal

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I used to tell these types of potential clients that I wanted an after taxes
fee of $1,000,000 so that I could turn in my registration and live
comfortably for the rest of my life without having to work.  (Now, it would
be $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 after taxes.)  This saves a lot of talk time.

The situation is Texas is no different than anywhere else, with or without
adopted building codes and with or without contractor licensing.  These
people want someone to bless their plans so that if anything happens, they
can say that they relied on Bill Polhemus; that they were not engineers and
did not know what was required.

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