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RE: Q: "Stick-Built" Metal Building?

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Actually, I could have just had him do with the plans what you were thinking
right there in my office! Saves time for everyone!

But seriously, I agree with you here. Although I used to be a lot more
"patient," I'm far too busy now to coax people like this. If he wants to go
on the cheap-which he admitted readily-then I think he'll always be able to
find someone with little ethics to oblige him.

However, I am sticking with this for the time being, mainly because I'm
always looking for education myself, on the ever-shifting requirements of
all the small burgs surrounding Our Fair City(tm).

Thanks for replying.

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>As it stands, I'm trying to educate this guy as to where he needs to go.

I agree, Bill, telling him where to go is probably for the best.  :)  You
could also suggest to him what to do with his plans when he gets there.

Seriously, though, don't spend time you can't afford to lose on this one.
If this guys had someone lined up to blindly stamp the plans and left
because he was too expensive, he has all the marks of a potential dead-beat.
  Your motives are noble, but the client obviously doesn't see any problem
with this, and education is a difficult process in such cases.

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