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Ad: upcoming AISC seminars -- seismic

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For your information, AISC is offering a seminar titled Practical Seismic
Steel Design: 2-20 Stories, written and presented by Tom Sabol, PhD, SE of
Englekirk and Sabol in Los Angeles. The first two presentations of this
seminar will be:

    January 29 in Sacramento
    January 31 in San Diego

This seminar covers the design and construction of high-seismic moment
frames, concentrically braced frames, and eccentrically braced frames. The
cost of this 5-hour seminar is $225 for AISC members ($275 for non-members)
and includes the 3rd Edition LRFD Manual of Steel Construction, AISC Seismic
Provisions w/Suplement No. 2, and FEMA 350.

For further information about the seminar and how to register visit:

This seminar will also be featured as a part of the Practical Steel Design
tutorial at the upcoming AISC North American Steel Construction Conference.
Find more information about the AISC NASCC here:

I hope you can attend.


P.S. Future dates and locations for this seminar include:
    April 9 in San Francisco, CA
    April 11 in Los Angeles, CA
    May 9 in Albuquerque, NM

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