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Re: wood screw callout

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Screw packaging can be misleading.  There are a number of screw products on the market that are proprietary.  They have unconventional configurations not in compliance with the NDS standards.  They may have # designations, but if you measure them with a caliper, you'll find that it's not clear what it is about the particular screw that makes it eligible for its size designation -- their shanks typically are smaller than the corresponding NDS screw.  This lack of correspondence may account for the use of # designations rather than gage designations.  Buyer [and specifier], beware.  Some of them have ICBO-ES reports and approved capacities -- in that case, they should be used in accordance with the Report, and not used as if they are equivalent to NDS screws.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA