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z-shaped wood panel shearwalls?

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I am looking at a big light frame timber building that is braced with wood
panel shearwalls that is full of jogs and window openings in the exterior
walls. The designer used z-shaped "dog leg" wood panel shearwalls that
barely meet the 2:1 aspect ratio between tiedown anchors.

Is there anything published about this method being acceptable?  Do other
building departments accept z-shaped shearwalls?

We haven't accepted z-shaped wood panel shearwalls locally since I've worked
here.  I am going to tell the designer to detail around the windows per 97
UBC Figure 23-II-1 and add some anchors adjacent to the jog in the wall

Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage

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