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Announcement: New Data available

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The following information was sent to me by Graeme Dick, Chair SEAOSC Testing committee.


The "REPORT OF A TESTING PROGRAM OF LIGHT-FRAMED WALLS WITH WOOD-SHEATHED SHEAR PANELS" is complete and available to all interested parties.

The data and some documentation for the City of Los Angeles - UCI test program are contained on two compact discs. Some of the items on the compact discs include:

1. A CD Guide file that briefly describes the contents of the CDs and the project itself

2. A README file that describes the project goals, specimen construction details, test matrix, test data and DATA CD layout

3. An 11-page description of the Test Protocol and Test Setup

4. The Final Report to the City of Los Angeles

5. The source code listing of a computer program to calculate YLS ans SLS values

6. Four UC Irvine Master of Science Theses:

        6.1. Eric Freund - "Performance Comparison of Plywood and OSB Shear Walls"

        6.2. David Larsen - " Experimental Cyclic Tests of Timber Shear Walls Utilizing         Plywood and Gypsum Wall Board Sheathing"

        6.3. Neal Shah, - "Shear Resistance of Oriented Strand Board and Plywood-Sheathed, Light-Gauge Steel and Wood-Framed Stud Walls"

        6.4. Amie Smith - "Exploring a Yield Limit State for Timber Shear Walls"

The set of two CDs can be obtained directly from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at a cost of $40. One must have access to MS Office to read the spreadsheet (EXCEL) and text (WORD) data. To order the two CDs, send a check made out to the "Regents of the University of California" to:

4167 Engineering Gateway
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-2175