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Re: virus warning -gelca-

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I have received two virii sent directly from listservice members, one in
Pakistan and the other in Canada, namely, "ARA" in Pakistan and cmendoza in
Canada.  These are identified as virii by the prepended underscore in their

      From: "ARW" <_arw(--nospam--at)>

      From: "cmendoza" <_cmendoza(--nospam--at)>

Neither person probably was aware that he/she was sending out a virus and the
prepended underscore prevents making them aware of it by "replying" to the
message as that will generate an "invalid address" error message.

When you receive a virus from someone with the prepended underscore in the
address, do them a favor and let them know, by using their address without
the underscore, that they have a virus.

With e-mail programs now designed to automatically decode UU and base 64
encoded binary files, virii can now be sent as pure text and doesn't have to
be sent as an attachment.

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Peter James wrote:

. > I received an e-mail from "gelca" that was sent Saturday morning. The
. > subject line was a previous seaint subject that that I had posted to, but
. > the e-mail didn't come from seaint, so it landed up in my regular inbox,
. > not my seaint inbox.

. > Norton Anti-Virus caught it - there was a file with the name setup.doc.scr
. > in the e-mail. I didn't record the name of the virus, but it was serious
. > enough for Anti-Virus to freeze my machine.

. > Peter James

Stan Caldwell wrote:

. > Me too, Peter.  I suspect that everyone was greeted with a virus this
. > morning.  Panda caught mine before I even opened the mail, but my PC was
. > otherwise unaffected.  Hopefully, everyone is as well-protected as we are.

. > Stan Caldwell in Dallas

Steven A. wrote

. > I received a virus from this 'Gelca' last December. However, I have not
. > received (thankfully) the new infected e-mail this week.

. > Steven A.
. > Los Angeles

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