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Structural Peer Review Service

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A Technical Oversight Resource


· 25 Years of Diverse Structural Engineering Experience;

	Project Types

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Process, Distribution, Manufacturing,
Cold Storage, Telecommunications and Marine

Structural Materials

Concrete	Reinforced (Conventional, Post-Tensioned and Prestressed)
	Cast-in-Place, Precast, Site-Cast Tilt-Up and Masonry
Metals		Rolled Structural Steel, Cold Formed Light Gage and Aluminum
Conventionally Framed, Composite, Fabricated Trusses and
Open Web Joists & Joist Girders
	Wood		Rough Sawn & Dimensional Lumber and Engineered Wood Products
Conventionally Framed, Fabricated Trusses, Glulam and Proprietary Products

	Building Types

Foundations	Conventional, Drilled Piers, Displacement & Auger Cast Piles and
Height			Low Rise, Mid Rise and High Rise
Lateral Stability		Braced, Rigid Frame and Shearwall

· Technical Background;

Project Engineering
Project & Departmental Management
	Investigations for Contractors, Attorneys, Owners, Developers, Architects
and Engineers
	Licensed in 41 States, Puerto Rico & 3 Canadian Provinces
	Author for AISC Modern Steel Construction and Structural Engineer
	Instructor for Online Continuing Education Courses

Services Provided:

Technical and Coordination Review of Structural Drawings
Review of Plans, Notes, Sections and Details for Code Compliance, Industry
Standards and Constructibility
Coordination Review with Other Disciplines Drawings
Review Structural Calculations and Computer Models for Correctness and
Material and Technical Specification Review
Shop Drawing Review
Construction Site Visits
Value Engineering


Contractors, Attorneys, Developers, Architects, Owners, Insurance Companies
and Engineers


Bridge the gap of insufficient or complete lack of technical peer review
present in both small and large structural engineering firms and
departments.  Avoid deficiencies that result from the following conditions
before the documents are issued;

Inexperience:			Inadequately supervised engineering interns
				Registered engineers not experienced with building type or material

Insufficient Time:		Short project design durations
				Last minute changes by architect or owner

Improper Manpower:		Insufficiently staffed
				Unreliable contract personnel

CAD Errors:			Inexperienced operators or designers
				Lack of back checking

Poor Coordination:		Insufficient internal coordination of structural
Lack of coordination with related discipline drawings

Peer reviews required for discounts with professional liability insurers
typically require in-house review of internal business practices only rather
than actual project-by-project technical reviews.  In-house structural peer
reviews help to limit error and omission claims and avoid the potential for
damage to your professional reputation.

My experience with project engineering, department & project management and
investigations & litigations indicates that more often than not design,
detailing and constructibility deficiencies could have been easily avoided
had a sufficient technical peer review of the contract documents occurred
prior to either bidding or construction of the project.  All to often I have
been involved in disputes as third party in which design and detailing
deficiencies could have been easily corrected had a experienced and
independent engineer been involved in a peer review of the contract
documents.  Typically a peer review should be performed before the bid
documents are issued.  Tap into the benefits of 25 years of experience that
will provide you with expedient, timely and cost effect technical reviews of
your documents before your mistakes hit the streets.

Contact Information:

Email:	dmstuart(--nospam--at)

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