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RE: Warning to HP Calculator Users - Repair Address

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Thanks for the address for HP repairs.

I called Don at International Calculator and he has a backlog of 120No HP
41's. Apparently , HP send customers to him too.

I purchased my HP 41 in 1982, it "died" about a year ago...i miss it with a
passion...the 48GX is just not the same...i hope Inter'l Calc can bring back
to life.


>Well, I finally got the address from home of the guy who does HP calculator
>	International Calculator
>	2916 Corrine Drive
>	Orlando, FL 32803
>	407-898-0081
>I talked to him about a year ago about repairing my HP41CV.  He quoted $69
>to $89 to repair an intermittent keyboard problem.  $125 to $150 with parts
>and to totally rebuild, swapping out parts would be $179.  I have not
>contacted him since because I do have a working HP41CX - I may reconsider
>getting the CV working again.
>Donna L. Gochenaur, PE
>Engineering Ministries International
>110 S. Weber Ste 104
>Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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